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One element I am interested in pushing further is the modelling technique I began to explore during my 5th year work. The aim for most of my work is to force the drawing/model in questing into much more than a pure representation; they are used as rigorous research tools, either bridging two separate themes within the project, or setting up a sort of fictional site map that can be reconstituted by further developments.

The tricky bit was to work out a way to make a visually beautiful hybrid between standard drawing techniques, modelling, structural logic, and collaging that would all lead to, essentially, a ‘mis-representation’ of the project. A perceived view of the design process at the stage it was created.

It turns out you just need to build 5 separate models, then mash them together… Here are some stages of the production of the trained axo I created for my 5th year project [located within Park Hill for ease of reference]. I’ll follow with the more refined one seen in re collections of Berlin.

01: build a sketchup site model site reference

02: deconstruct a flat image of said model, & re-build as a ‘paper version’ model process document 7

03: fill with images in photoshop, as you would if it were a flat collage model process document 10

04: print out all the bits, and begin to re-construct the elements as a 3D axonometric model


Mapping out the void that is graduating as an architecture Master[?]. Awaiting the enthusiasm and constructive processes required to keep it up-to-date.

IN theory, this is where I left off…

final thesis project at the University of Sheffield